We would like to let competitors know that the Dressage entries are filling fast. Dressage tests are capped at 40 horses except for the Freestyle Dressage that is capped at 15 competitors. The ASHS National Show programme includes nine tests for Young Horses, Preliminary, Novice & Elementary levels with $2,790 in cash and prizes on offer.

Please see the below entry terms and conditions for Dressage.


Preliminary, Novice and Elementary classes using B Level patterns. ASHS Dressage Rules with EA Judges.
Entry Fee: $35 per class Entries Close: 4th December 2018

All classes will be conducted under EA rules and regulations, unless ASHS take precedence (i.e. it is not essential to use a dressage saddle as ASHS rules and regulations take precedence). EA rules can be found at the following link http://www.equestrian.org.au/dressage-rules
• RIDER AND HORSE: one rider one horse for all dressage events.
• CALLERS: Callers are permitted.
• DRESS AND SADDLERY: Please check the complete rules on the ASHS National Show website. Gear checks must be completed 10 minutes prior to your scheduled test time/ draw and is compulsory so please check
the rules carefully prior to competition. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure their gear check is completed prior to their test.
• STYLE OF PRESENTATION: Competitors should choose a single style – either competing in Australian Stock Horse style attire, saddle and saddlecloth or “English Style” attire, saddle and saddlecloth/numnar. Refer to
the ASHS Events Handbook for the full rules and regulations.
• HELMETS: Current Australian Standard Association or international equivalent helmets must be worn during competition, these must be securely fastened under the chin.
• PRESENTATIONS: These will take place at the end of competition and will be mounted.
• RIDERS BRIDLE NUMBERS: Please see Breastplate numbers. Numbers must be displayed on the horse.
• EVENTS: the horse entering must only enter Prelim/Novice or Novice/Elementary not Prelim/Elementary. In the case of a horse entering that has EA points, they must only enter those events at the level graded at with
the EA. Freestyle excluded.
• YOUNG HORSE CLASS: must be 4 years and under. Birth dates for all young horses will be as at 1 August. They are NOT to enter any other levels, only the young horse class.
• EVENTS: horse and rider combinations may enter up to four tests (e.g. 2 preliminary & 2 Novice), except the Young Horse combinations (see above).
• CHAMPIONS: To be eligible for champion you must have competed in two tests at the same level over both days.
Three divisions (total of 15 competitors)
1. Novice test – 4.5 minutes
2. Elementary test – 4.5 – 5 minutes
3. Test of your choice to be judged on artistic presentation elements from any of the EA test movements and Stock Horse movements – 4.5 – 5 minutes.
Music must be clearly marked with name of horse/rider and instructions on when to start, along with a brief biography of horse and rider. Music & background material must be submitted to the ASHS Head Office BEFORE 12pm 15th February 2019. It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure the music provided is correct and usable. If you want your media returned please collect from the Show Office prior to the end of the National Show. To compete in the Freestyle event, the horse and rider combination must have entered either the Preliminary, Novice, Elementary or Young Horse class at the ASH Nationals.


November 21, 2018

Limited Dressage entries remaining, hurry enter now.

We would like to let competitors know that the Dressage entries are filling fast. Dressage tests are capped at 40 horses except for the Freestyle Dressage that […]
November 20, 2018

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March 27, 2018

2018 ASHS National Show Wrap Up

Following 10 days of intense and fierce competition the Australian Stock Horse National Show once again has wrapped up for another successful year.
March 20, 2018
Last night we finished the night off with some entertaining Freestyle Dressage. The Winner was Madeline Brown riding WAYMERE OAKS LATITUDE.
March 20, 2018
2018 Campdraft Winners in action. Mavericks Western Wear Ladies Campdraft Winner - Amanda Hollis ADIOS FLORENCE HSH
March 20, 2018
March 20, 2018
March 20, 2018
March 20, 2018