Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

The Australian Stock Horse Society Limited (the Society) is required to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles in collecting, using, disclosing and disposing of Members’ personal information.

Personal information is any information that can be used to identify a person. The types of information the Society collects include Members’ names, addresses and other contact details and stud information.

The purposes for which the Society collects such information are as follows:

  • To facilitate communication between Members.
  • To communicate with Members including the distribution of newsletters.
  • For administration purposes, including the distribution of information to Branches, Management Councils and other Members for the purpose of identifying horses, completing registrations and transfers, obtaining breeding, stud services and performance records, conducting sales and competitions, coaching clinics and the like.
  • Maintaining the Society’s Online Stud Book and horse’s Certificate of Registration.
  • Complying with the Society’s legal obligations.

In completing and returning to the Society any request by the Society for information relating to the Member, a Member will be considered to have consented to the collection of the information and to disclosure of the information for the purposes outlined above. If Members do not consent to such disclosure, formal notice in writing should be given to the Society. In this event, the Society will only use a Member’s personal information for the purpose of contacting the member, and any such information will not be disclosed to Branches or Management.

The Society will not disclose a Member’s personal information for any other purpose without the Member’s specific written consent.

In accordance with the National Privacy Principles, the Society will endeavour to ensure that:

  • Personal information is kept secure.
  • Personal information will be maintained accurately. Members should contact the Society to update any personal information that the Society holds relating to them.
  • Personal information will be destroyed when it is no longer required for any purpose for which it was collected.
  • Members may gain access to their personal information held by the Society and may correct it if necessary.